Ever tried to use a WIKI?

Oct 22nd 2004
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Over the past months I experimented with several WIKI’s. IĆ«ve planed to use the WIKI-format as part of my Master Thesis, but a friend of mine told me yesterday that the learning-curve maybe would be to steep for a first-time-user.

So now I’m in a dilemma - should I plan my deliverables in a form that I know the faculty knows and understands? Or should I in fact do what they are aiming for in their description of the course - motivate to learn new interactive platforms, be familiar with new formats?

Last night I stumbled into a WIKI about blogging - in fact a great resource on what blogging is, is all about, and a nice experimentation using a WIKI :-)

…if you have som to add, please do so…….

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