Sweden is ahead - 1:0

Oct 24th 2004

Come on Denmark - what is happening? 8-9 years ago I went to small-wake-up-call’s in local business-lounges. As a priest in ancient times I was preaching what the Internet was all about. People told me the Internet was a toy on daddy’s phone bill. Blogging isn’t only about narcissistic storytelling - it’s cool business.

If a Transportation-CEO is able to go live, what holds you back?

So come on CEO’s of Denmark make your voice heard, don’t be afraid. You don’t know why? Please give me a call and I’ll tell you at least 5 good reasons why

Thanks to Fredrik :-)

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  1. There are many reasons NOT to blog - at least you have to answer Seth Godin’s excellent questions before you start:

  2. Yes your right - don’t- jump into the ocean if you can’t swim. One thing I’m sure of though is, if not the CEO is blogging - or understands what blogging is all about, then one huge channel for conversation with customers and other stakeholders is closed.

    My advice was merely an invitation to open the eyes and learn - maybe there in fact are opportunities in blogging - also for companies. Indeed for companies.

    .and - thank for stopping by .:-)

    Best regards

    Hans Henrik

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