It seems that we have a little competition going on.

Dec 5th 2004


I just learned that there a one more initiative on it’s way - Cool…;-)


It reminds me on the early Reboot days in Denmark where we had this web-development competition between a team from West Denmark competing against the team from Copenhagen. This was back in 1998-2001

It was a lot of fun and in the end of the day the general “community” won.

Nowadays the “competition” is about writing a book - I’ve earlier suggested a very open approach. I deliberately called it a “Open Source”-project.

Now is Mr. Robert ranting about that Fredrik has misunderstood he’s approach but I don’t think we are that far away from each other.

Forgive me Shel not mentioning you in the same sentence.

Robert says about my project: CorporateBloggingBlog reacts to our book project and misunderstands something. He thinks that another book project is more exciting simply because it calls itself an “open source book.” Um, hello. What do you think ours will be? It’s going to be done 100% in the public. Oh, you mean his book will be distributable for free too? Well, here’s a clue: anyone who wants our book will be able to read it online for free. But, here’s the rub. If you want your boss to read it, he might not get into it online. He might want a paper one.

More on that later. The approach.

I’ll thank you Robert giving me the opportunity to race against you and Shel. As an entrepreneur I’ve earlier experienced the dynamics and power that reveals it self’s when you first identify and later meet the competition in the marketplace. I’m not sure it in fact is a competition. We will see

The term “Corporate Blogging” is mostly understood as everything which can be published via a weblog in a business context. In the popular blogosphere this is mostly interpreted as externalised PR and Communication. I agree, some low hanging fruits can be picked here, but I think it’s too easy to leave it there.

Therefore - I agree totally with Fredrik when saying that “The world is big enough for both of the books“. The battle is not about writing a book about “corporate weblogs”, its more about the choice of perspective.

And it’s about one more thing - maybe. It’s about voice, it’s about how much buzz you can make out of you choice of method.

Robert is more experienced in those matters than I am, I know - I welcome him on the playing ground.

.again Shel - forgive me :-)

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