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Dec 6th 2004

I AM writing a book - WE are. It WILL be a “OPEN SOURCED WIKI BOOK PROJECT” And I invite EVERYONE who has a voice to participate.

The main reason why I’m doing it this way is mainly grounded in a belief that there can’t be “to many cooks to spoil the soup” when defining the term “corporate blogging”.

Of course I’m aware of the difficulties in trying doing so - but I realise that I’ve got only ONE humble opinion, I’ve got ONLY 24 hours a day, and I’ve experienced the power of the community and I’m trilled about the fact that one of the main clues in Corporate blogging will reveal it self as a result of this “OPEN SOURCED WIKI BOOK PROJECT” process, at least I hope so :-) - If you dare to open up for market conversation beyond the traditional business processes and channels, you will experience heavy positive “side effects” :-)

.I’m not the only one claiming that.

But let’s be honest - a Weblog is only a tool for conversation. It gives us the opportunity to frame the conversation, but doesn’t tell us anything about how, where and when to use it.

I need your help to tell that - that’s why I’m suggesting a different approach.

I though must admit that I agree with Robert when saying that there are a lot of CEO’s and other stakeholders who still doesn’t know the weblog-format which could and maybe should result in “hard-copy” of the “book”. Let’s see to that.

During the last 24 hours I received a mails from other book projects, journalists, other bloggers who has a high interest in the field and friends. THANK YOU ALL. It’s overwhelming. Please proceed doing so :-)

If any of you out there have perspectives, ideas, contributions what-so-ever I would be very pleased to hear from you.

In the next week or so I will set up a WIKI and start writing - I hope you will join me ..

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