War? Race?

Dec 6th 2004

The last 24 hours has been interesting. Several book-initiatives have seen the living daylight. Robert announces a war, other welcomes the different projects.

He interesting part is the different approaches. Jeremy is on his way writing by him self. Robert and Shel is co-writing a book. Others are almost “done“.

The project that I’ve announced few days ago is a project with the intend to be written “by” the blog-community. As I understood the Robert’s and Shel’s project they will write “in” the blog-community. For that purpose they of course established a weblog :-)

I don’t see the different project as opponents, as “them against us”. It’s not a war - maybe a race, at the most.

I hope that everyone can see trough that and participate wherever it’s possible.

Everyone is herby invited. WIKI will be established in a day or two

NB. Any other projects that I should know about?

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