Dec 10th 2004
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Shel and Robert writes about competition:

There are numerous books on various aspects of blogging in process. None use TRC’s innovative approach. Scoble and Israel are generally better known. None, as far as the authors know, are focusing along the lines described here. We are not concerned.

Well, few days ago Robert mentioned the different book projects around. In the same sentence he named it as a Blog Book War.

I’m for sure not the crispiest biscuit in the package, but the above sentence confuses me. The TRC-book project is indeed a hell of a good project. No doubt, but crying out loud there is NO competition reminds me of the story about the British Encyclopedia and Mr. Gates who over night made his wonderful disruptive move by giving away CD rom’s with almost the same content as the Encyclopedia. As I remember it he gave it away for free when buying a new PC.

I don’t see our project as part of a competition, but maybe other projects will be competitors. So, sitting there on top of the Tower of Babel .I would have put it otherwise.

By the way - I like the proposal very much. I’ll buy the book for sure :-)

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